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Why I loathe liberals

It's probably a stupid decision, but I've started reading a lot more news and politics online again. I used to devour the insane ramblings of polls and pundits on a daily basis, but I sort of burned out on the whole thing during last year's election. Since then, I've generally tried to avoid politics, or at least absorb no more than what I find on CNN. Over the past couple of weeks I've begun to backslide, and I ran across something a few days ago that really infuriated me. I thought it was a pretty clear example of why I loathe liberals with every fiber of my being.

On Slate, they have a XX blog where their women employees ramble on about various, mainly political, topics. It should be no surprise that there's a pretty strong lefty bent to the group. As much as some of them might claim to be so, these are very few independents or moderates in this mix. For instance, not a single person on the blog was a McCain supporter during the election. While you might say that that's hardly a surprising fact, you have to remember that over 45% of the people in this country voted for him. There are perhaps 20 people on this blog. Do you have any idea what the odds are of randomly selecting 20 Obama supporters? About the same as flipping a coin and getting heads 18 times in a row.

Regardless, that's just background to the point I'm trying to make. Lets just say that the blog is mostly populated by liberal women. Anyway, one of the posts they had recently was titled 'Pictures of Obama' where they showed the pictures of Obama drawn by their children and those of co-workers. Most of them were pretty par for the course but I was pretty appalled to run across one that was titled 'Dead John McCain'. You can see the image below.

My first thought upon seeing this was 'Holy Shit! WTF?!'. It's not that the picture if horribly offensive in and of itself as much as it's the fact that a 3-year old kid drew this and then their mother thought it would be great to share it with the world. Don't even get me started on the fact that the mom seems sorta proud of this, even telling people that her kid drew this while in synagogue.

Now, stop for a minute. Think about what the response would be if someone posted a picture that their 3-year old drew called 'Dead Barack Obama'. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't be disturbed and a bit appalled. At the very least we would think it was wrong that the parent was obviously indoctrinating a freaking 3-year old in this manner to hate someone they don't even know. Beyond that, I can just see the liberals screaming that this drawing was clearly indicative of perverse and pervasive racism in the family. They would view it with horror and outrage. Instead, because it's dead John McCain and not dead Barrack Obama, they actually post it up on the proverbial world wide refrigerator to share with the world. Not only do they find nothing wrong with this, but there is clearly approval and pride to boot.

Before you claim that this is simply some solitary tidbit I'm blowing out of proportion, 'Dead John McCain' was not alone. There was also 'John McCain with mold on his face' and 'John McCain falls into a black hole'.

The fact that these parents have indoctrinated their kids like this should be offensive to everyone. Also, you have to realize that these individuals aren't simply some random schmuck off the street. The women of this blog all have very exalted positions in journalism. The mother of the 'dead John McCain' piece is a lawyer and Slate's main legal commentator. That she would happily post her kid's doodle of murder/death is incredibly disturbing.

And all of this, is one reason that liberals drive me crazy. The hypocrisy is almost too much to believe. If Obama had been the subject of these drawings, these liberal pundits would have been justifiably shocked and appalled yet they seem to find no problem when the target is someone else. This is just part and parcel of the entire liberal hippie platform of racial politics, class wars, and every other divisive issue they hope to exploit. Instead of things being wrong because they are wrong, liberals carve out an imbalance where every 'ism only matters if they're not the ones perpetrating it.
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