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Hypocrisy is part of the game

To my surprise, it seems that several people found the entry about 'Dead John McCain' at least interesting enough to comment upon. The responses fell into two basic categories: Those who agreed with the view that Dahlia Lithwick and her co-workers were daft nutjobs who had indoctrinated their kids and those who immediately tried to excuse their actions by claiming that it's no different than what conservatives do. pootie_pie even claimed that she was sure there was some site out there where some conservative republican journalist who had done the same thing, in posting their kid drawing a murdered Barrack Obama. Frankly, I'd love to see that and expect I will as much as having Santa Claus squeezing his ass down my chimney this winter and bringing me a Death Ray. The fact is that no respectable journalist on the right would come close to ever doing such a thing because they would be burned in effigy.

What's that? Your 3-year old kid drew a dead black persident murdered by a white man and you proudly decided to post it on your work site? Oh, and your kid drew it while sitting in church?

Is there any single person who seriously believes that this would not ignite a firestorm that would not only have the hounds of hell on his heels but would very likely get him fired? Anyone? Do you know how much notice or interest 'Dead John McCain' has gotten? I googled and all I could find was 1 thread on Slate's online forums. No hits anywhere else online.

So what about those who try to mitigate this insanity by claiming that equal hypocrisy exists from the right. I personally think that tells a lot about what sort of person you are and whether you will tend to bend left or bend right as far as politics go. We all know that politicians often end up being self-aggrandizing, power-hungry dicks. It goes part and parcel with the job. If you didn't have a love of power, you wouldn't put yourself through the crap that it takes to get elected nowadays. The difference is that while there are hypocrites on both sides of the aisle, the type of hypocrisy varies.

Lets take a look at 'Dead John McCain' again. This is the sort of hypocrisy that drives me crazy. This is a woman who spends unbelievable inches of print every week talking about the horrors of racism and sexism and lauds affirmative action and even argued against draconian punishments for child molesters who fails to show even a smidge of respect for another human being. I have absolutely no doubt that she would have found a similar image of a dead Barrack Obama to be in very poor taste at the least, because John McCain is white, a male, and a republican, it's all kosher for her 3-year old to draw him as a murder victim. These are the self-righteous assholes who try to tell us racism is everywhere and racism is wrong, but then advocate and support judgment and valuation based on race. As long as they get to decide who is deserving of the protection of our vilification of racism. If it's wrong to judge people based on race, then we should not judge people based on race across the board and all violations should be punished and forbidden. But it's not about race or racism in the end; it's about control. Not only do they get to whip the flames but they get to pick the targets as well.

Compare this to the generic republican hypocrisy of preaching family values and then snorting an 8-ball of coke off a hooker's ass, and I just don't think it matches up.
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