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And on with the countdown

Extended periods of unconsciousness continue unabated.

I'm still managing to sleep far more than I should for unknown reasons. If I actually had a life, I'd imagine that my chronic bouts of somnolence would be interfering with it to no end. Lucky for me, it hasn't been anything other than a mild curiosity.

Filthy lucre is always welcome.

It was poker night at Brian's place last Friday. I had to stop in at a Walmart beforehand to pick up an online order and found some Happy Bunny calenders on discount. No doubt because of the fact that's already May and they're still selling calenders for '09. Anyway, I thought Jesse or Sam would appreciate it so I scooped one up for them. Surprisingly, neither Jessie nor Brian had ever seen Happy Bunny before. I can only wish I were so lucky.

I raked in an almost embarrassing amount of winnings at Poker to boot. I know it's not huge in the grand scheme of things, but $17 when you're playing quarter ante is nothing to scoff at. The weird thing is I'm not even sure where it all came from. It was one of those nights where I didn't recall any big wins, but must've just been steadily accumulating throughout. I'm sad to say I blew a chunk of the cash on White Castle on the way home. Flech. Overpriced and crappy. At least it didn't make my butt throw up.

Bits and pieces from which pawns become kings.

Saturday was the game day at the Panera. Nothing interesting to report here. I just don't all that much of a thrill from game days anymore. I'm actually planning to sell a couple of my board games to someone on the TD forums in exchange for tokens. I never haul any of the crap out of the closet nowadays and I can't see being reinvigorated by gaming anytime soon. I did snag a copy of Attribute that I had hanging around in Shelley's old room and we played a few rounds of that. At least it's one less shrink-wrapped item sitting around.

Maternal obligation obligates obedience.

Sunday was Mother's Day and the whole lot of us trekked out to some restaurant in Middletown. I had sort of been looking forward to it but the lack of sleep (in order to make sure I didn't oversleep) and the meds combined to make the entire journey a bit uncertain. I made the demand to drive myself because I was pretty sure that if I had to ride in Shelley's car, I'd be ralphing at some point by the end of the day. I dunno why that is but nausea never is as bad if you're the one doing the driving than if you're being driven about. Maybe it's something about the sense of control.

Anyway, the day was also problematic from a pain management point of view. It started okay but went steadily downhill. By halfway through the meal there was no way I could sit anymore and I was just trying to find something comfortable to lean on. That's the thing that I sometimes forget about my pills and pain management in general. What I'm on works fantastic for when I'm home, in my room, and just lying about. I'm seldom really troubled by pain and what there is is likely to be temporary and fleeting. This does NOT translate to the outside world where I have to move about. Shelley seems to think that this lack of outside functionality means that my pills don't work right and need adjustment. All I can tell her is that these are the best I've ever had so far. It probably also explains why I'm more and more loathe to go anywhere when there is that huge gulf between feeling good and normal and feeling wretched.
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