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Till your last dying day

I should be sleeping right now. We're supposed to be going out for lunch today to celebrate Shelley's birthday. It's not actually her birthday until the 25th but she's leaving in a week to go to Mexico, despite my mom's repeated pleading for her not to. So, we won't get another chance to celebrate her birthday if she goes and ends up dying from Pig SARS. Even if she doesn't come down with Pig SARS right away, we'll have to keep her away from my grandmother and Maddie for at least a week or two just to be safe. Neither of them can risk catching anything. Kids are always at risk and my grandmother is in her mid 80's so it's best to take a pass on any communicable diseases whenever possible.

Anyway, I've been watching youtube clips of West Side Story and I'm feeling sorta dreamy and nostalgic. Every time I see the prologue and some other parts of the film, I wish that I had been part of some street gang when I was a kid. I'll admit that sure, it's unlikely that real street gangs do a lot of ballet but I always feel sorta wistful about the choreography and camaraderie. Maybe it's just me but I think the world might be a much better place if more of our street gangs sang and danced together. Hell, I would join if I could.
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