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I wonder where I could find a 10-tailed marmot

I've spent the past few days obsessively watching Naruto episodes on Hulu. I was browsing about looking for something to do and decided to give it a whirl. I've been aware of Naruto for a while now but had no interest in ever seeing the anime or playing any of the games. Frankly, it looked cheesy and juvenile. Not to mention that the 'fighting animes' all tend to be either ridiculously repetitive or soaked in blood, guts, and piss. Neither genre appeals all that much to be in general.

That being said, Naruto seems to mitigate these flaws by actually having a good chunk of humor as well as some nice character development. This isn't to say that I don't still have lots of complaints, like the fact that they often use the first third of an episode to recap what fucking happened in the last episode. I can understand that many of their core viewers probably have short attention spans and need a bit of a catchup, but if you're watching everything back to back it makes you want to gouge your eyes out for the repetition. Since I'm forced to watch ridiculously crappy commercials on Hulu as payment for the episodes, this sort of waste of time drives me nuts. BTW, if I have to see that stupid Axe commercial with the 'Double pits to chesty' one more time I'm not going to be able to resist the urge to stab someone in the face.

Watching anime has also taught me some very valuable life lessons. I've already decided that if I ever become the villain of an anime world the very first thing I'm going to do is have every kid wearing a pair of goggles on their head put to death. It's just good preventive medicine as far as I'm concerned. No good ever comes from a giant pair of swim goggles perched on the forehead. It's like having sex in a horror movie. A definitely no-no. I'm also a little irked by the fact that so many of the ninjas in this anime are one-trick ponies. They have one special attack that they do over and over and over. You'd think they'd try to broaden their horizons a bit and mix it up a little. I can see how it might save animation time if you reuse the same attack sequence (like those transformation, by the power of greyskull sort of doohickeys) but in this case, it's never the exact same twice. You'd think if they're going to have to redraw the darn thing anyway that they could spice it up a little. The entire thing plays like a video game where you're just waiting until the character learns a new skill so he can abandon the old.

Oh well. I'm fifty some-odd episodes down at this point with something like 400 to go. I'm pretty sure this is going to keep me occupied for at least a couple of weeks at this point.
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