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Holy Crap

How fat do you think a 14 year old can get? If I had asked myself this question a day ago, I would have thought about it and wagered a guess somewhere around 300 lbs. It's hard to believe that it could get any more extreme then that given that the average 14 year old should only be around 5'5. So imagine my surprise when I ran across this:

Deputies are looking for a mother and son after the state was planning to take the 555-pound 14-year-old into protective custody, according to Greenville County deputies.

Alexander Draper is considered to be at a critical stage of health risk. When officers went to take the boy from the home, they found that he and his mother, Jerri Gray, had left the home on Goodwin Bridge Road in Travelers Rest.

Christ on a pogo stick. Five Hundred and fifty pounds? That's almost inhuman. I can't even imagine that and that's coming from someone who can put down a good amount of food and gets almost no physical activity nowadays. You don't get to 500 plus pounds as a 14 year old by accident. That's the sort of thing you really have to work at. It'd be like training for a marathon but in reverse, trying to see how many sticks of butter you can cram down. What in the world were they feeding this kid? (Yes, yes, I know. 'Everything'. Ha ha.)

There was a followup article saying that they caught the pair. I'm guessing at a Krispy Kreme though it didn't say in the news account. I'm all for people being as fat as they wanna be, but this does sort of go too far. He's going to be one unhappy camper in state custody. I'm pretty sure he won't be getting his 36 meals a day or whatever it is. Not to mention he's going to be bitterly disappointed when he finds out what the actual 'serving size' of most foods looks like. God knows I was and am.
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