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Curses, foiled again

I'm still working my way through the Naruto episodes but I'm a little disgruntled to discover the damn manga and anime are both still going. I just assumed that since there were 400-someodd episodes on hulu, the series had concluded years ago. I absolutely hate to start watching a show when it's still running. Eventually I catch up and the waiting for new episodes drives me nuts. It's for that reason that I haven't watched a single episode of Heroes or Lost or whatever new show people are babbling about. It's better to just wait until they finish and wrap the whole thing up and I can just compulsively work my way through the whole thing at my leisure. In addition to not liking to wait, I also have a short attention span for these things. If it's not all available at once, it's very likely that I'll not get back to it for years. Then, at that point there's nothing to do but rewatch the whole thing from the beginning because I've forgotten various bits and pieces. It's a huge annoying waste of time.

All in all, I am enjoying Naruto. Some of the elements are pissing me off a little, like the character of Sasuke. I just don't understand why someone doesn't just kill that mopey emo bastard already. Is it because girls love the guy or something? For some reason, girls in anime always seem to crush after the aloof, moody, and slightly girly-looking guy. Maybe it's that way in real life too. Well, in Japan anyway. All I know is his character has been pissing me off for ages now and I just wish he'd die already. In addition to that, some of the relative power levels also seem sorta screwy. I know this is one of those fighting anime's which means it's going to be non-stop cases of people topping one another and getting more powerful. It just seems that there should be a little more pacing and maybe regulation as well before it gets as insane as Dragonball where I'm pretty sure a single character could destroy a galaxy on his own.

I was thinking last night about how it would be spiffy to be able to do a summoning jutsu. I sort of like the idea of being able to drop giant frogs on people. It probably settles an argument in a hurry.
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