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Holy fuck that hurt

The auto-injector pen sucks ass. Just as I suspected, it hurt like a sonofabitch. I had to practically be forced to inject myself with it and then I immediately regretted having done so. The damn thing burned like crazy. The self-injection was never near this bad. I'm already dreading the next one of these injections and the worst part is I have a fucking month's supply of this shit. That means I'm stuck with it until then when can switch back over to syringes.

I went online and found all sorts of contradictory advice to boot. I found people who said it hurt like a bitch in the leg so they tried the stomach and it was better. Just as many people claimed it hurt like a bitch in the stomach so they tried the leg and that was better. About the only thing that everyone seems to agree on is that the autoinjector hurts like a bitch.

I am not a happy camper.
Tags: autoinjector, drugs, enbrel

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