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Mostly painless

I called Logitech and after 20 minutes of following bullshit instructions about reloading the drivers, the rep agreed that my mouse was fuxed. The plus side is they're sending out a new mouse which should get here in a week or so. They'll probably want me to mail back the broken one but at least this means I don't have to send first and then wait to see how they were going to deny my claim. Yay.

I also found out why I went to the doctor's office at the hospital yesterday to find the doors locked and once I looped around through the main entrance, everything deserted. A quick call this morning showed that I had the date wrong, despite having a clear memory of telling myself to remember the appointment was on the 25th, it was actually the 28th. Feh.

The trip out wasn't a complete loss. I was actually feeling pretty okay and I swung by a 7-11 for a couple of crap dogs and a giant slurpee. I figure if that's not a win, it's at least a draw in the grand scheme of life. I am starting to really run out of pills though which is not a good thing. I've been patching the problem for days now with a bigass bottle of oxycodone, but it'll be nice to get a new prescription of hillbilly heroin filled.


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