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Should I stay or should I go

I have to make a decision on Origins soon. Normally I'd continue to procrastinate right up to the very last moment, but there are a couple of time crunches forcing me to make a decision. First and foremost, I managed to snag another one of those priceline coupons for $50 off and the reservation has to be made before the end of May if I want to take advantage of it. I'm just not so sure about the whole commuting thing. It's probably too late to get a room at one of the connected hotels and it's almost certain that I couldn't find a roommate at this point. I just can't see paying $150 a night for this trip, especially since I don't know how functional I'm going to be. Last year's trip to Origins was a mini nightmare. I ended up staying in the room almost the entire time I wasn't helping out at the Playroom booth and I never did get to play any games or do anything interesting.

The downside to commuting in from a cheaper hotel is the commute itself. The travel time, parking, and trek will likely be a bit of a burden. Not to mention not having a room nearby in case things go to pot and I just need to crash and recover. I do have to admit that my pills are probably better now than they were last year, meaning things might not be a complete disaster. If I pop enough hillbilly heroin, I think that I could keep trucking along pretty well. I guess what it really comes down to though is that I'm not all that keen on gaming anymore. It's nice and everything but origins felt pretty lonely last year. There are plenty of people that I know and we can chat and stuff, but few people I really know well and can do things with. In the past, this wasn't a big deal when I first started going to these cons not knowing a single person. I was there to play games and more or less entertain myself. That just doesn't feel like enough anymore.

On the plus side, I just took a look at the event registration and it seems that many events that I would want to play in are still open with tickets available. Decisions, decisions.....
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