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Your medical dollars at work

So I went to the doctor yesterday and there were a couple of unexpected additions to the visit. They sprang a drug test on me while I was there to my surprise. Not that I have anything against taking a drug test. I'm probably the only person who still believes in the mantra of those who have nothing to hide, have nothing to fear. I just never expected it. For one thing, if I had been expecting it I wouldn't have peed right before going to the hospital. Luckily, they didn't need much and I was able to wrangle a bit more out of the ol' bladder.

It was actually sort of interesting to talk shop to the tech who was doing the drug test. There were all sorts of things to fill out, basically asserting that the guy had opened the container in front of me and that I would have a harder time weaseling out of it later if I tried to claim that it was all a giant conspiracy and they substituted some crackhead's urine for mine. It seems that we've come quite a long way from the drug tests I used to have administered at the lab. Back then, we only tested for a few specific drugs and even then the test was pretty damn pricey. This one had a set of check boxes that looked like you were filling out a freaking car loan. When I commented on this I was told that the entire test that day costs around $1500. Holy crap. I guess it's in their best interest to know if the person receiving pain meds from them is a crackhead, but you'd think that there's a cheaper way to do it than paying $1500 a shot.

To no one's surprise, the only line that failed to appear on my drug test (and thus showing that it was present in the urine) was the oxy one. God knows I would have been pretty startled if anything else had popped up. The container even had a temperature gauge in case you tried to fool it by bringing it urine that wasn't yours and pouring it in. Ah, technology.

The chat with the doctor was also a bit more extended than normal. He wanted to suggest some more exercise or activity of some sort and I was telling him about how I've cut more and more things out of my life in the past couple of years. It's true really. It's not like I've ever had a packed social life but at least I would go out occasionally for meetups and whatnot when I first got back to jersey. Not to mention there were always cons or get togethers at the Bill's or something along those lines. Since then, I've systematically cut things out of my life. It's not unusual now for me to go 2 weeks or more not leaving the house once. Hell, it's not usual for me to not leave my bed except for the bathroom and food. The doctor was obviously suggesting that this might not be the best thing in the world, and that it's not great to let these things slide because it's harder to put them back together later. I guess it's true but I just don't really feel all that alive and lively. Sometimes, it's hard not to figure I'm just twiddling my thumbs and waiting to kick the bucket.
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