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Ants in my pants

Well, that weird tingly feeling kept me from going to sleep like I wanted. I really don't know how to describe it. The more I think about it, the more it's really not like the descriptions of formication. It's not like I feel something crawling or itching or anything of the sort. It's just this not quite a tingling sensation. It's the sort of thing that makes you want to give a whole body shiver-shake to get rid of. Of course, the problem is it just keeps coming back. I have no clue what's causing it but it's just incredibly annoying. I think in the future I just have to realize it's happening and just stop trying to sleep. I usually waste a couple of hours tossing and turning and fidgeting thinking if I can just get into the right position that it'll go away and I can doze off. The best solution is to just wake up all the way and do something to take my mind off of it.

So I'm well into Shippuuden on the Naruto front. That's the second batch of episodes after a two a and a half year flash forward in time to age the characters. I tried my best to slog through the first series but the episodes near the end were just absolutely ridiculous. They were all filler episodes with absolutely no impact on the plot. Worse, it was like watching the same damn thing over and over. The characters all travel to a distant land. There's some emo and pissed off princess who's been fucked up the ass and is unhappy about it. Naruto teaches her the power of caring and suddenly her heart grows three sizes and she no longer wants to be a transsexual. You wouldn't believe the number of crossdressing disgruntled princess in this world. I just couldn't handle it anymore and skipped over the last 15 eps or so. I'll probably go back and fill them in when I run out of the new series. That actually looks like it's going to happen faster than I might like too. Just this afternoon I knocked off an entire season's worth. At that rate, I'll be completely done in 3 days or so. God knows what I'll do then since I hate waiting for each new episode to come out.

On a sidenote, I discovered that Maddie loves those fisher price Little People toys. I saw a deal online for them a bit back and picked up two sets from Walmart. I used to ship to store feature and picked them up a couple days ago. She loves them to death and has been carrying around the little figures everywhere. I'm thinking that I'm going to have to buy her some more of them when I get a chance. Usually when I'm thinking about getting her toys and stuff, I end up fixated on items that are way too advanced for her. There's this really kickass looking easel/chalkboard I've had my eye on but I really don't think she'll be up to drawing/painting on something like that for at least a year yet. The same goes for books and other gizmos. I was even thinking of buying her one of those giant kitchen play sets a while back. It's just nice to actually find something that she seems to really like and is actually age appropriate.

As I recall, Gene and Raymond used to love Little People when they were kids. They used to watch those damn videos over and over and over nonstop. I can still remember the lyrics to the opening song. When I mentioned it to Connie today, we actually ended up singing it together, it's still so ingrained in our memories.

Little people one by one
Little people have such fun
Look and listen
Laugh and play
Little people start your day

Lucky is a silly pup
Penny likes to play dress up
Brother Timmy's always there
and Baby sister likes to share
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