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Trek a little trek for me

So, as soon as I found out that Maddie really liked those Little People sets, I started searching around for others I could buy for her. I found one that I really liked, but it was pretty pricey and seemed to be out of print almost everywhere. I decided to check Craigslist and actually found a couple there. Before emailing about the item, I made sure to put their home town into yahoo maps just to make sure it wasn't going to be too far. The first one was located in Voorhes, which when I put it into the mapping program popped up just 15-20 minutes away. That seemed more than doable so I drafted a quick note, got a response it was still available and made plans to pick it up. When I put her full address with the street into yahoo maps, this time it drew a line that went almost to fucking Philadelphia.

It turns out that there are multiple Voorhes's in New Jersey and when I mapped to it the first time, the damn program just picked the closest without even telling me there were other options. The new one would require more than a 2 and a half hour round trip. I guess I should have just said screw it right there but I had already agreed to pick it up and besides, it was a very good price even with all the extra gas factored in. Not to mention by now I really had my heart set on getting the set for Maddie. I figured she would love it given that seems to love animals (calling each one no matter the species a 'woh woh' [woof woof]).

It's the Little People A to Z Zoo. It comes with 26 little animals, each with a different letter on them. When you plug the character into the right hole on the playmat which isn't shown, the toy says, for example, 'Z is for Zebra'. Fun, yet educational, right? I figured it would be a big hit all around. She could play with animals and learn her alphabet all at the same time. The item was selling through Fisher Price for $58 shipped and it was well over $60 from amazon scalpers. Even on ebay I couldn't find it going for less than around $40 shipped. The woman in Voorhes only wanted $14 for it and claimed the set was in excellent condition. Even with the cost of gas, I was going to come out ahead.

So I made the trip down yesterday and yes it was long and yes it was monotonous. Still, all in all, I got the toy back home. Soon after Shelley stopped by and offered to take the toy with her back to her place where Maddie and my mom were. I admit I hesitated for a moment. Maybe it's selfish, but I sorta wanted to give the toy to Maddie myself and have her associate it with me. I can't help but get the feeling that she'll grow up quick and it won't be all that long before she wants notta much to do with me anymore. At least at this stage she seems happy to see me if nothing else. Anyway, I let Shelley take it and I've heard through the grapevine that Maddie seems to like it lots. I guess that's what really matters.
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