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And on the plus side

My Logitech replacement mouse arrived today and I'm pretty happy about it. I never realized just how broken my mouse was even before it crapped out on me completely. This one moves like a dream whereas even when the last one had been working I would have to move it 6 inches to get it to move a couple inches on the screen. It's all pretty spiffy again.

On another bright note, Logitech didn't even want me to send back the broken one. I guess giving them the serial number from the inside was enough to prove it wasn't a case of pure fraud. Then again, all that means is I bought a mouse at one time and not that it was actually broken. Using that sort of logic I guess you could always get 2 mice for the price of 1 if you claim the first was broken. I also can't help but wonder if this is a known issue and that's why the replacement was so forthcoming. I just hope it doesn't crap out again anytime soon. It might be hard to explain why I've had multiple die on me.
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