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Into the abyss

I'm feeling a bit like crap warmed over at the moment. I managed to stab myself with the autoinjector on only the 3rd or 4th try this time around which is a marked improvement for me. Give it another month and I might even be able to do it on the first go around.

Right after the pop 'n stab though I had another runin with that weird tingly feeling and thus couldn't sleep. I should probably run it by a doctor at some point since I'm still not sure it's formication. The problem is that I'm not sure I could accurately describe the issue anyway. It's not even exactly a tingling, though I'll be damned if I can come up with a more descriptive word for it. The only thing I do know is it's damned unpleasant and seems to be occurring with more frequency of late. As if I need more screwy things and potential medical whozits in my life.

Oh, I should mention that I did finally pull the trigger and got a hotel room for Origins and also faxed in my badge application. I waited until pretty much the last minute but decided to go through with it. I have no clue how it'll go but I'm pretty sure if this trip ends in disaster, it'll be my last Origins for a while. I tried to register for events online today but it seems that my profile hasn't been updated yet. I rang GAMA and it seems that the person who handles that sort of thing has been out sick for the entire week. I guess no one else in the office can do data entry. If I'm lucky, they'll sort it out in the next few days before event registration completely shuts down. The guy on the phone was a bit vague about when that would be, speculating that it could be some time next week. Oh well.
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