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I just bought something online that, assuming it's not a scam and I get ripped off, has made me very happy. I'm pretty sure I made an entry about it once upon a time, buy damned if I can find it now. Way back I stumbled across a boardgame geek entry for Darkies in the Melon Patch which just tickled me pink. Just the sheer un-PC of it all made me happy. Well, that and the fact that when first listed it had the same printing date as the infamous Juden Raus. Sorta makes you think about how things really weren't all that different around the world. Anyway, I rated the game a '10' partially out of mischief and partly because I really did want a copy. The only problem is that I wasn't even sure it even existed. Most people had written it off as a mockup and a scam for the lulz.

That said, prismcat tipped me off earlier today that someone had 1 set left for sale out an initial batch of 6. Hell, I'd shocked to even find one of these but this guy was selling 6. God only knows where he managed to find them all. Maybe the KKK had a rummage sale or something. Better yet, the guy only wanted $30 for it shipped. I jumped on the deal and with a little luck, I should have my own copy of Darkies in the Melon Patch in a couple of weeks. I'm already thinking about where I should unveil it. Local gameday? Special event? Bring it to Origins?

If I'm lucky, this will one day appreciate in value and I can drag it with me to the antiques roadshow or something of the sort.

Tags: board/card gaming, darkies in the melon patch

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