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Who would have thunk it

I think I actually found an anime where the dubbed version is better than the subbed. I know a lot of people who watch anime fall into two categories. Either they're dubbed only because they hate reading while watching the show or they're subbed only, usually because they're elitist diehards. For me, the original Japanese just tend to fit better. Language is more than simply communication through words. There's also tone and inflection and even though I only know a handful of japanese words, I always got the impression that I better understood the characters when the dialogue was subbed.

After finishing Naruto, or at least catching up to Shippuden, I was still interested in seeing somre more fighting anime so I went with the old stalwart backup, Dragonball Z. I had seen a few episodes before on Cartoon Network but had never really cared for it. It felt like I was watching a soap opera for little boys. Not to mention that if you simply erased all the gasping reaction shots and recaps, each episode would only last 5 minutes. Anyway, as part of the 20 year anniversary of Dragonball Z, they were re-releasing a remastered and re-edited version. It collapsed a lot of the repetitiveness, featured better/reconstructed art, and the original voice actors. I watched all 10 of the episodes currently out and it was pretty awful. The voice for Goku is beyond grating. It sounds like they got some old woman to do his voice. Why? This is supposed to be the manly hero type and he sounds like someone living in an old folks home with a squeaky voice. Many of the other characters sound just as....odd. I found myself missing those old Cartoon Network dubs and so out of nostalgia I found some sites that still stream the episodes online.

On a sidenote, if you have any interest at all in dragonball z, I found a pretty funny site that lists the power levels for all the characters across time. It's pretty hilarious if you think about it. It's the classic example of power-gaming run amok if you think about it in RPG terms.

The site is here. You can see that Goku, the main character starts at a level of 334, already enough to fly around, launch beams of power from his hands, and probably destroy a city block. He ends that series topping out at over 1 billion, basically 300 million percent stronger than when he started. You just gotta love crap like this. It's too bad we couldn't hook someone like that up to a generator. He could provide electricity for half the universe.
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