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Another verse, same as the first

I'm having a bad pain management night. Sleep had been sounding like a good idea but there's no real point in trying when Mr Stabby's knocking at the door. I popped some backup pills and hopefully they'll take Mr Stabby into custody and beat him with a rubber hose. I do have to admit that it's rare nowadays that the hillbilly heroin fails to do its job. I went to the gameday at the Panera today and was remarking to Bill that my pain meds have been better than they've ever been. It basically means that as long as I'm at home and not doing much of anything, there aren't really any issues. Sure, movement causes twinges that vary, but if I were just sprawled on the bed reading or lounging or watching anime, things are almost normal. Considering how rare even glimpses of normal used to be, it's worth mentioning.

Of course, all of that goes out the window the minute I actually have to go out or do something. Still, it's better than it was in the past where I still remember days where I had my head buried in a pillow and rhythmically pounding the bed or wall or whatever with my fist just trying to wait and gut my way through the pain. It's easy to forget that that was often the norm for quite a while. Still, the recurrence of breakthrough pain even without activity is something to be a little worried about. It's only a week and change before I set off for Origins and I'm more than a little antsy about the entire trip. I just hope it doesn't end up being a complete and utter clusterfuck.

On that note, I ran into a problem with event reg for origins. I faxed in my registration form a couple weeks ago on a Monday and when it didn't show up on the site by Friday, I called Gama headquarters to inquire. I was told that the person in charge of registration/accounts was out sick and for some inexplicable reason, no one else could do her job despite the fact that badge/event registration were due to end soon. I was told that it wouldn't be a big deal since event reg wouldn't end until the following week and my info would get processed before then. So on Monday, I log onto the site to find that event reg was closed. I had a pretty steamed WTF moment and called up Gama again to rant and rave a little. In the end, I got passed around from person to person until someone offered to appease my righteous wrath by having me email in the events I wanted and someone would attach it to my badge. Well, it's now been almost a week since then and neither my badge nor events are showing up on my account and my credit card hadn't been charged. I know I should call back to make sure they didn't screw it up but the entire idea just makes me weary. All I know is that I don't think any good can come of any of this.
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