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I am feeling ecstatic. I just read an article announcing that Jammie Thomas-Rasset was found 'guilty' for the second time of pirating music through Kazaa. She was found guilty once before, but the judge in the case called for a retrial because of some minor screwup in the jury instructions. The first time around she was fined $222,000. This time, the jury hit her with $1.92 million and I couldn't be happier.

A federal jury in Minneapolis has ruled a Minnesota woman violated several music copyrights in the nation’s only file-sharing case to go to trial.

The jury found that Jammie Thomas-Rasset “committed willful violation” of the copyrights on 24 songs. The jury awarded the recording companies $1.92 million, or $80,000 per song.

It might seem sort of strange that I'd be rooting for the RIAA in a case like this. For one, while I don't care about music in general, I do more than a little pirating of my own. What makes the difference in this case is that I found this stupid bitch's self-righteous and transparent lies to be so beyond the norm that she deserved to be slapped down and slapped down hard. We all know that piracy is illegal much like we all know it's illegal to speed. Despite that, most of us do it knowing that if we're caught, there will be some price to pay. In the case of a speeding ticket, that can now range up to $500 or more depending on just how fast you were going and if it was a construction zone. When it comes to media piracy, that involves having to pay a fine to the RCAA or MPAA to an average tune of $3500. We all understand that this is how the world works and it really ticked me off when this dumb bitch instead tried to claim it wasn't her and she didn't do it. It's like those people who go to court raging that they really weren't speeding because the radar gun must've read the LED flashing lights of their vanity plate and thus read a speed of 120 mph when their car was really going 30 mph. In short, shameless bullshit artists.

If you actually read the facts of this case, her excuses were beyond lame. They were so transparently false that it made me want to punch her in the face just for coming up with them. First she claimed that perhaps someone was stealing her wi-fi signal and thus any pirating was really not her doing. Of course, we found out during the trial that she doesn't have fucking wi-fi. Then she claimed that it wasn't her because there were no songs on her harddrive. We find out in the trial that she was lying and had the harddrive replaced just 2 weeks after receiving the notice that she was caught pirating. She also claimed that she received no such notice despite getting a message through kazaa, a fed-ex notification, a certified letter from the lawyers, etc. Can you say compulsive liar or what? She goes on to tell some other really unbelievable whoppers, including the fact that maybe someone stole her userid, the same one she's beeing using for over 10 years, in order to pretend to be her and steal music to get her into trouble. Do you want to punch her yet? When this case first started, she also said that she felt that she was being targeted because of racism. That statement alone makes it so that she deserves no mercy whatsoever.

The sad part is that many people have rallied around this daffy cunt just because they hate the RIAA. Frankly, I just find her so odious I couldn't do it. I'm happier that she's getting what's coming to her than I would be to see a pedophile put in prison. At least no one's going to be on the side of the Pedo and you can be pretty sure someone's going to make sure he gets what's coming to him one way or another. This stupid cow actually has a support staff of idiots backing her.

It also makes me very happy that no matter how much idiots send her in donations, it'll never be enough to pay off this fine and her lawyer bills. Hell, I think the RIAA should sue to get her to pay for their lawyer fees too. I just want to see her destitute in a shack.
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