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I had to go out and pick up my prescription for more hillbilly heroin today after yesterday's attempt failed. Maybe it's just me, but when you say you close at 5pm, I expect your dumb ass to still be there and working at 4:56pm. Instead, when I got to the hospital, it was a ghost town and the only person I could find in the area didn't know anything about where to find my 'script. So I went back today around and managed to pick it up without any problems.

Since I was out already, I decided to go and do some grocery shopping. I discovered that lobsters were on sale for $5 a pound and snagged three of them. I've since decided to name them Bitey, Pinchy, and Food Poisoning. They were more than happy to steam the little buggers for me so I didn't even have to cook them. All three are sitting in the fridge right now and will provide for a few excellent meals in the next couple days. I've always been a big fan of lobster simply done. I don't even like butter with them, much less some of the more exotic fixin's. That applies to a lot of seafood really. It's just better when it's plainly steamed and prepared without all sorts of weird sauces and stuffings and whatnot. I also prefer them a bit chilled so dinner for tonight is a couple packages of dirty rice courtesy of one of those boil and serve pouches. Not bad at a dollar a pop.
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