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T minus 3, or maybe 2

So it's only a few days left until Origins. I've tried to spend as little time thinking about it as possible since I still haven't made any real concrete decisions. Should I leave on tuesday so I can get there by that night and participate in early gaming events or should I just wait until wednesday to leave for the start of the con in full. I also have to decide when I'm heading home and whether I want to cut the trip back into two parts, stopping somewhere overnight. My record for traveling home after cons in one single night hasn't been stellar. I haven't wrecked or anything but I've come close a few times and it's always a sort of nerve wracking experience. My nightvision isn't all that great and those cross-country roads are full of semi's barreling along at 80 MPH. It really wouldn't take much to become a premanent road pizza.

Origins aside, I popped over to Brian's place today for some cards. I ended up being down a couple bucks at the end, mostly due to a sense of recklessness near the end. That's one of the reasons I should never gamble for real. My personality has a flaw where if things start going wrong, I keep pushing to make it even more disastrous. Basically, I go on tilt really easily. As long as I'm thinking rationally, things are great but all it takes is a couple bad beats in a row and I start splashing around in every single pot like it's an open kiddie pool. Oh well. At least I'm aware of the flaw and it's always kept me from doing anything too incredibly stupid. I'm sure that streak won't last forever.
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