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Son of a bitch....

I wrote an email to Connie late last night asking her to bring my Flip Mino with her today so that I could pick it up for the trip to Origins. I got a phone call this morning from her saying that she no longer had it, and that it was stolen. I was beyond pissed.

It got into Connie's hands in a sort of roundabout way. After the True Realm trip (and the Flip's unlikely recovery), I put it aside and while I always meant to download the videos from it, never got around to it. At that point, Shelley had a vacation planned for Mexico and I lent her both the camera and the Flip. She said she didn't think she would need the latter but I figured it was a case of better overprepared than underprepared. She might find something spiffy to record while she was there. When she got back she returned the camera to me but for some inexplicable reason, offered the Flip to Connie. I didn't mind at the time since I wasn't planning to use it until the trip to Origins. Fast forward to this morning and it's gone.

It turns out that Connie doesn't believe in securing the valuables in her home even knowing that strangers will be traipsing about it. She's been trying to sell her condo and there have been realators in and out of the place showing it off to perspective buyers. They show the place (with her permission) even when she's not at home. All they have to do is show their business card to the security guy at the front desk and he hands over the key. It looks like during one of these showroom visits, someone helped themselves to a 5-fingered discount that included not only her camera but my Flip Mino.

When I told her how ticked I was, she flippantly responded that I should just buy another one and use her credit card. Grrrr. Even if it weren't the fact that I just lost a shitload of irreplaceable videos, the fact that she would only tell me this because I asked and the day before the trip drives me crazy. There's no time to buy another one before the trip from Amazon and it's either buy it there or pay $32 more to get it at some local Bestbuy. I know that most of you would probably say just buy the replacement since it's on her dime, but it galls the hell out of me to pay more on this crap when I don't have to. Chances are, I'm just going to pass and go without for the trip. I am not a happy camper.
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