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Detour: Road out ahead

I finally got my Flip Mino back today and I've been hoping to upload the videos to youtube for the past few hours. The problem is that the site seems to be down at the moment and there's no telling when it'll climb back up to its feet. The upload process usually takes a great amount of time due to the combination of less than stellar upload speeds and huge file sizes. I'll admit that regardless of the tech snafu, it's really nice to finally get my videos downloaded from the Flip and know they're 'safe'. The unfortunate part is that it reminds me how I never did go and recap the trip to true realm. I uploaded all of the photos to facebook and that was about it. I would say that I should go and rectify that if it weren't for the fact that there's still the Origins update I'm in the middle of. What I should do is just concentrate and get the one I'm in the middle of finished and ignore the rest for the time being. Easier said than done though. The planning is always more interesting than the doing.

Other than that, I just haven't made any decisions about Dexcon. I finally got in touch with Lori last night and it turns out she's not even going this year. Dexcon conflicts with Shore Leave and she'd rather hang out with people dressed like Klingons than us. That means that as of now, there's no alternative than a daily commute and I'm not sure I'm willing to go through almost 2 hours of back and forth a day. It seems that many people I know are skipping this time around for one reason or another. I got an email from Ruth today still soliciting GMs to run slots but all I could tell her was that I think I'm going to take things day by day. It'd be different if there were crash space available but double exposure has really cut back on that over the years. Boardgaming just doesn't seem to rate highly enough to warrant it and there are too many others above us on the status totem pole when it comes to getting a room.


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