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Pop goes the uterus

I got the news earlier today that my sister finally squirted out another kid last night. My mom tried to call me but I was busy sleeping the sleep of the dead. Out of the last 29 hours, I've spent at least 20 of them unconscious, recovering from the lack of sleep during Dexcon. The last I heard, Connie and Jeff had been debating between calling the kid (It's a boy BTW) Taylor or Tyler or something else along those lines. There were a couple of other possibilities being debated but it looks like a real dark horse candidate won. They decided to name him William in the end and call him Will. Frankly, I think that's a pretty poor idea overall. While I have no problem with William as a name, if you call him Will it's inevitable that he's going to be become a Willie. This is especially true considering my mom, grandmother, dad, and uncle in the mix. They'll find it easier to attach the 'ie' to the name, just from a phonetics point of view. So unless something drastically changes, we'll have a little Willie running around for years to come until he's old enough to force people to stop calling him that.

While I am sort of happy that they eventually went with a nice traditional name instead of something scrounged off of 90210, they managed to nail him with his middle name, Hunter. WTF? I've never gotten 'Hunter' as a name, unless you're planning to take your kid out into the woods and have him shoot wildlife in the face. The fact that it's a favorite of urban/suburbanites, just makes the name even more ironic. William Hunter (Zhe?) Kulikowski. I guess it could have been worse overall.

If you're wondering about the 'Zhe', that's a holdover from our side of the family. My sisters and I all were given Chinese names when we were born. My parents weren't daft enough to actually give us Chinese names, but they did want to have them as middle names. In the end, I was the only one who was left out since my mom forgot to fill it in on the form and I ended up without one. My sisters both have middle names that are supposed to sound like their Chinese name. When Maddie was born, my mom and other relatives were given the task of picking out a Chinese name for her. My sisters and I can speak conversational Chinese, but we're no way near the level of proficiency that would allow us to pick names for a kid. Unlike in English, there aren't words that are just set aside as proper names. While 'Edward' might have had a real meaning in old English if you trace it back far enough, nowadays its only meaning as as a first name. Chinese, like a lot of the asian languages, are different. Any word can be chosen as a name so theoretically your kid's first name could be Chair, or Toilet, or Superfluous. Because similar sounds often have very different meanings (Homonyms galore), there's a certain poetry to picking a child's name. The two word phrase (Last + First) can convey a lot of information and range from being very prosaic to incredibly obscure. After pow-wowing it out, it seems that my mom has decided to go with a word that sounds like Zhe or maybe Tzuh would be a closer match. I don't recall what it means off the top of my head but I'm sure it has some sort of nice symmetry in Chinese. About all I can recall at this point is that the name their picked for Maddie meant Clean.

I figure that it'll be at least a day or two before the new addition gets brought home and for the time being my mom and grandmother are taking care of Maddie. I'm already envisioning a lot of screaming and unhappiness in the next few months to come. Maddie's a bit spoiled and me-centric. I'm pretty sure she is not going to take kindly to someone else usurping the attention from her. We'll see though.
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