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So I've been AWOL the past several days, ever since Dexcon ended. Not that most of you probably noticed or cared, but I figured I'd make an account just for posterity's sake if nothing else. I've basically spent most of the time involved in 3 different endeavors, all of which have brought me some level of happiness.

At the top of the list, I spent a good chunk of time re-watching Love Hina. I absolutely love this anime, which probably doesn't say a lot for my taste nor reputation. I can't help it. While it might seem fitting that if I were a person who liked anime I would gravitate toward the bloody the vicious or the dark, in fact what often gets me are romantic comedies. It's probably just a sign of my stunted emotional growth that I find lovey-dovey harem animes the height of Squee. Besides, it makes domestic violence seem funny and there are animated boobies everywhere. What else could you want? The only downside of watching these things is that they tend to make me wistful and downright depressed if taken in large doses. I imagine it's the same effect as making a man dying of thirst sit through half a dozen soda ads.

Anyway, in addition to rewatching Love Hina, I've also snagged various other manga and animes and I've been slowly churning my way through the lot of them. About part way through this anime-fest, I was forced to find an additional activity before I contracted a terminal case of the blues. To that end, I started playing a new facebook game called Realm of Empires. It's actually surprisingly good considering that it's on facebook and is far more strategic and interactive than anything else I've seen on there. This is not just another mafia game clone where you spend your time hitting the same button over and over to complete jobs. I pretty much took to it like a fish to water and have carved an ascent path that's pretty amazing. If you want to give it a look, let me know and I can send you an invite. Unlike those other games, there's no bonus to inviting a bunch of other people for the most part. Instead, what it does is if the person starting up an invitation into your clan and some small benefit. That seems to make it so that you don't see the spam inviting that's almost obligatory when you play other facebook games.

The last thing I've done, and which has taken up the most time the past few days is gone on a massive and wonderful Wiki-walk through a new site I found by accident called TV Tropes. It's a fantastic site that basically lists all of the tropes used in the storytelling culture from tv episodes to movies to anime and so on. It's been an amazing sort of education reading through the anime sections of the site and wiki-walking from link to link. This is basically what happened to me. I never really thought about the common themes in anime apart from the very basic ones and the idea that people actually named them and then gathered all the examples was amazing. I've been known to get lost in various wiki's before whenever I gain a new interest (one example being the naruto-fest from a month or two back) and it's always entertaining. Not to mention it's provided me a list of new animes to download based on the tropes involved. One of the problems with watching anime has always been it's hit or miss with me. It's ridiculous how much personal tastes will affect a person's review and it's almost impossible to judge if I'm going to like something based on someone else's take on it. With the tropes listed, it's a more standardized look at the content without a huge amount of opinion thrown in.

And so, that's what I've been up to more or less. I haven't been sleeping much, usually only a couple hours at a stretch because of the above, before today when it all sort of caught up with me. I slept for most of the day and still feel sort of tired. I'd go back to bed but there are castles to man, anime to watch, and tropes to read about.
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