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“Well another flying today that's turned into a cluster ___. I got to the airport this morning for my flight at 7:45 and it turns out that since I had a bag to check I had to get here a little early than I actually get. I think I probably got here around 7:05 or 7:10 and by the time I got to the checking thing they said that I needed 40 minutes so they ended up bumping me off the flight. I spent some time arguing with the guy. He said well you could still make your flight but your bags are gonna go on another flight. So when I looked at the security line night I didn't think there's a no last chance in hell quite frankly. So I just kinda reside myself but as I got through security I realized well if I hustle a little bit there's a chance I'll still make it. So I got to the gate 5 minutes before the flight was supposed to leave but the door was shut. And I guess what ended up happening is they get ___ before they shut the door. So now I've got 2 hours and change to wait for the next flight. It also screwed up my schedule because now I won't get in until like 12:30 and right at 12:30 I'm supposed to meet a bunch of people ___ there. I don't have any of their contact information. And yeah it turned out to be a really shitty day.”

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