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Shilling for family

I know it must seem sort of crappy to pop back on here just to ask for something, but I could use the help of as many people as possible. My sister has decided to enter some contest for a free makeover and is currently getting her @$$ handed to her. That being the case and because she knows that I have no life and know lotsa net-denizens, she has asked for my help. If you could take the 30 seconds out of your day to cast a ballot, I would really appreciate it.

The website for voting is HERE. It's a pretty barebones site and I experienced no pop-ups and only a single small ad anywhere on the page. Please cast your ballot for Connie Kulikowski.

If you could, get your friends to pitch in too. For each person you can dragoon into helping I promise to reward you with a scooby snack.
Tags: contest, family

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