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I can't believe it's not Porn

Ever see something and just be absolutely baffled that it doesn't turn into porn? You're just certain that any minute someone's going to whip out an oversized sexual organ and bow-chika-wow-wow starts pumping in the background. I imagine that a lot of people get this sensation when the first start watching anime. How could they not? I mean, half of them out there are magical girlfriend series or unwanted harems or all sorts of different impossible premises which seem as one-tracked as the proverbial plumber ringing the doorbell to 'snake her drain' would be for Americans. Maybe it's just a fact that I've seen too much anime now that that particular neuron in my brain no longer lights up. It doesn't matter if an anime is full of half-nekkid cartoon girls all scampering around professing their love for some whackjob, it no longer seems like a situation which leads to wild monkey sex. That being said, every once and a while you run into something beyond the pale, something which you just can't wrap your brain around.

I just downloaded and began watching a new (well, new to me) anime series called Midori No Hibi. It basically translates to Green Days. Midori in this case also happens to be the name of the female lead in the show. The protagonist is your average anime loser guy, in this case a brawler/delinquent/bad egg with the proverbial heart of gold. Because of his habit of constantly getting into fights and basically freaking out all the normal people, girls want nothing to do with him. As the anime begins, he's struck out 20 times in a row and upon getting home, laments that the way things are going he's going to end up marrying his right hand. The next minute, a nekkid green-haired girl appears in place of his right hand and fully attached to his wrist. I shit you not.

Now, I'm not going to try to pretend that I have virgin eyes when it comes to something like this. I have seen animated tentacles, various demented sex demons, so much scat that I wish for the life of me I could scrub from my memory, and about all examples of the varied and often disturbing twisted shit that can come from a Japanese imagination. The difference is all of that was PORN. It didn't have to make sense since half the time it was just catering to some weird sub-fetish whose proponents usually keep it to themselves. I have never seen anything which has so begged to be porn and then, simply, wasn't. It's not like I wanted it to be porn exactly, it's just that it should be porn. I imagine it's along the same lines as what goes through a hippie nutjob's head when they see a Black Republican.

Anyway, for all that I keep expecting the show to turn into porn at any minute, it's not horrible. It's not exactly my cup of tea but I generally have a softspot for these sort of anime rom-coms even if this one is screwier than most. Also, the porn issue aside, it also brings up all sorts of disturbing questions doesn't it? I mean, having a six inched living person attached in place of your right hand must be problematic in a lot of ways. Most of which, come to think of it, would probably be explained by porn.
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