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How it all increases. All those bits and pieces. Jesus! It's amazing how it grows.

Back when I was last making regular entries in the LJ, I was sort of obsessed with Naruto. I have no clue if I actually made any entries about Naruto, but I remember rambling off and on on the facebook profile about it. I fondly recall having quasi-philosophical discussion about why ninjas all seem to run like retards. I still remember running into people trying to justify it as a argument for reduced wind resistance.

I think it's far more likely they're just retards.

Anyway, I haven't thought much about Naruto for a few months now, mostly because I caught up with the series and there's nothing I hate more than having to wait around week by week for new episodes of something to appear. It's that impatience that makes it so I don't watch any TV show until it's canceled/over if I can help it. At the time I started watching Naruto, I thought for sure it had long finished since I had heard of it being around for years. Most anime series have a run-life of a couple of seasons tops with most failing to even get that far. Naruto has now been on the air for 14 seasons over 7 years which makes it practically neolithic by comparison.

Anyway, it finally popped into my head that I should check on the show's progress yesterday and my willful obliviousness has net me 20 new episodes. I just have to decide whether that's a big enough chunk to be worth watching or if I should wait and let the backlog grow some more.
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