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As much as I follow politics, and I follow it obsessively, I don't actually participate in the process much more than tossing the occasional verbal Molotov cocktail onto some forum or blog. I'm not a policy wonk, caring little for the intricacies of various bills or laws, and I tend to view politics more like someone reading the box-scores of a baseball game. I like to see how many runs were scored, who made the unforced error that lost the game, and cheering on my team to victory. This is not to say that I don't think that there's no point to the game other than who wins but I think I'm jaded enough that the greatest joy in politics is crushing your enemy.

That said, I don't actually vote very often. Partly, it's because I live in Joisey where I seriously doubt my vote matters even if I could stuff a ballot box. I cast an absentee ballot or two when I was in Chicago, but I've never voted since arriving back in the state. I'm going to try my best to make an exception next week when I will actually venture out and cast a ballot for Chris Christie for governor. I find it pretty appalling that my vote might even be necessary and that there are actually enough morons in this state who want to give Corzine another term in office. I haven't heard one good thing about this asshole from anyone and it's only through voter idiocy and his attempt to buy the election that things are this tight. He's ended up spending more than twice what all the other candidates have and has run a pretty disgusting campaign all around. In that, I guess he's just the consummate politician in this state. Corrupt and dirty all rolled into one. Sometimes you can't help but feel that the people of this state deserve what they get when they keep voting these people into office. On the plus side, the way things are going we'll probably see Corzine led away in a perp walk before too long. Something like 3 dozen NJ politicians have been indicted in the past couple of years.

Sometimes I really don't understand why there isn't some sort of test before people are allowed to vote. It seems that we allow some of the most potentially damaging rights go to any moron with less scrutiny than we give to someone buying a pack of cigarettes. There has to be something wrong there.
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