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It's like a penis rainbow

I was just reading an article about those charged in that California homecoming gang-rape and I had a squishy sort of moment. After all the hype that there were up to 20 bystanders watching the 2 hour attack who basically stood around laughing and taking pictures, I had some racial preconceptions in mind. I just assumed that the accused would all be of the same ethnicity. I could picture a group of black kids doing this with a bunch of black spectators or a group of white kids with bunches of white spectators. Instead, I found that gang-raping has finally matured into a post-racial Benetton ad. How's that for Change we can all believe in?

Peter is the only black suspect named in the case. Smith is white, and the other suspects are Latino.

Every time people of all races join together into multiethnic mob, Barrack Obama gets his wings.

Of course, it always turns out that not everyone get get behind this post-racial goodness and see all the positives. Someone always has to bitch and complain and ruin it for everyone else.

Peter's family accused prosecutors of having racial motives in charging him. Peter "didn't have anything to do with this," his aunt said. "My nephew is scared," she added. "He is the one they've arrested who is black, and if they give my nephew a life sentence, I will sue Richmond. There is no way in hell I will see my nephew blamed in this because he is black."

Of course. God knows the prosecutors couldn't simply allow such a crime to go past without a token Black guy to blame it on. They probably just arrested the White and Hispanic kids to provide cover so they could carry through on their real and nefarious goals to persecute the darkie.

Instead of trying to play the race card, she should be happy her nephew looked past racial boundaries and chose to do his raping with other people regardless of race or creed or skin color. Just imagine what sort of 'I have a dream' speech you could put together based on this incident. I'll spare you my version, but I'm sure you get the picture.


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Oct. 31st, 2009 05:42 pm (UTC)
I'm so gled you're back!
Nov. 2nd, 2009 04:57 pm (UTC)
You waited all this time and ended up with cocks of all colors holding hands. I'm not sure if I'm more sad that you're happy about it or that I wrote it.
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