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Domo touchdown

Last friday I finally got around to visiting all those 7-11's looking for the domo-kun promo items. I finally hit paydirt on the third 7-11, finding both the straws and cups still left in the stock. I ran into a couple of problems though. The first problem was I had gotten confused somewhere along the way and I was sure there were 4 different figures on the straws. I was really disappointed that the 7-11 was missing the 4th and I couldn't help but speculate if that one was super rare or had some greater collectible value I hadn't heard of. The second problem was that I had thought that wanderingasian only wanted a set of the straws when he commented in the earlier entry. I ended up buying 2 sets of 3 straws, one for me and one for wanderingasian as well as a set of cups. I was told on the way out that the cups were the same price whether I filled them with slurpees or not so I went back and got a fillup. I then got to experience the pleasure of trying to juggle three full slurpees while trying not to spill anything.

Because I thought there was a missing 4th straw figurine, I proceeded to hit up another 2 7-11's, all of which were out of everything. It wasn't until I got home, dejected in my search, that I looked at the promo picture and found out there were only three to begin with. I ended up heading back out to the one 7-11 that had everything in stock last night and cleaned them out of the straw figurines as well as grabbing 3 cups for wanderingasian.

You might wonder at this point what I'm planning to do with 9 domo figures attached to slurpee straws. Well, I figured there's an off chance that I can sell two of the sets on Ebay. I have no clue how much they'll go for but if I'm lucky I figure I can sell two sets and cover the cost of everything, meaning I would have gotten my set of cups and figures for free. That's the idea anyway. I figure at the worst I should be able to break even since these were limited edition items and are now pretty much OOP. It was pretty lucky that I even found a store with some left.
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