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What a fucking crybaby

I was more than happy to sing the ding dong the witch is dead song along with big tom. I'm glad that sue left and frankly I feel a little unsatisfied because she wasn't forced to leave. That shrewish hag needed to be tossed from the beginning. I only wish that hatch was still around to have seen her storm off. I can only imagine the whiney crybaby fit she would have thrown if he had been around. We might have had the makings of a great jerry springer episode. I would pay to see her get bitchslapped.

You know why Sue was really upset? She saw that hatch was erect when he was shaking his weenie at her and she was worried that her secret would be exposed at last that she's really a man. Hatch has man'dar after all as a gay man. He probaly could sense sue's testicles from the very beginning. She knew the jig was up so she threw the fit so she could escape before the world found out her shriveled up little secret. She's a man, baybee!

Fucking drama queen.

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