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Farewell my old friend

A couple days ago my car was taken off to the big junkyard in the sky. It had been having problems for some time and if I look at it rationally, it really wasn't worth fixing. That said, it's the car I've had the longest and I'm going to miss it. It started out as Shelley's car back in the day when I was still driving the Altima in Chicago. My mom felt, perhaps justifiably, that with my track record of ramming into things, I was better off with a nice solid American car. She made Shelley trade with me around a year in and ever since I've driven the Taurus. It's been with me through quite a few back and forth treks over the years to and from gaming conventions and back and forth between Chicago and NJ when I was in grad school.

I've never been very attached to automobiles in general. I wasn't one of those kids who went through highschool reading books about cars and obsessing over various stats like horsepower and torque. For me, a car was always a means of getting from place to place and I didn't care about the trappings. That said, the one thing I will really miss about the Taurus is that it was comfortable to sit in. That's incredibly rare given my issues and over the years I've run into many cars that are just downright awful as far as that goes. Not to mention my head also didn't brush the ceiling in the Taurus which also seems to be an unusual trait. I feel like half the sedans out there are designed for midgets and I've actually had to tilt my head to the side to fit into the driver's seat for a few.

In the end, things just started to break down with the car. It gobbled oil like you wouldn't believe, seems to have started overheating, the battery recently died and just as we got all the crap out of it in preparation for the tow truck, the trunk release broke. Maddie was over when a couple of guys with a flatbed came for the car and she seemed sad to see it go. She recognizes the car as being mine. I was told she has a little black matchbox car at home and she'll often point out that it's uncle's car. When they were driving the car away, she dragged my dad down the street, wanting to follow and get the car back. Oh well. In the end, it's for the best that we donated it to Alzheimer's research. I'm not sure if someone will find it worthwhile to fix but at least they can chop it up for the parts and there will be some benefit. Still, it feels like the end of an era.
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