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Shot through the heart

So far, signs still point to improvement from the Humira injections. I've started to take the oxycontin sporadically or even not at all and there haven't been any problems so far. You'd think this would be a happy occurrence but not only am I not feeling very enthused about it, it actually brings a lot of new worries and uncertainties.

I also managed to confirm that the Humira injects really does sting like crazy and the first time wasn't simply a fluke. I finally got badgered into administering the second injection yesterday and I spent a good 10 seconds yelling obscenities. Shelley was over and she offered the suggestion that it would probably be less painful if I jabbed myself in the stomach as opposed to the upper thigh. That might very well be true and it's what I've heard from several people who have to do daily injections. The problem is the idea of jabbing myself in the stomach with a needle gives me the willies. If the Humira didn't hurt so badly, I probably could bring myself to try different injection locations. It's harder convincing myself to try a new location when I know it hurts like a son of a bitch. After all, it could be even worse elsewhere.

All in all, I've got enough 'scripts for 2 more months of Humira (4 injections total). It'll be interesting to see if there's continued improvement and what that will mean for my life overall. It's hard not to see things as a zero sum game and that for something to get better, you can rest assured there's going to be a compensatory worsening elsewhere.
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