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But, can't be ugly, pointless crap. It's ART!

The apprentice episode just reinforces my basic belief that 'artists' generally need to be drowned at birth. I'm not sure what was worse, the guy who sprays DNA all over his pieces or the girl with the freaky alice in wonderland meets s&m patty genre. Ya, you know what that clear spot is omarosa? It's spooge. Someone should take a fargining blacklight into that studio. It probaly looks like contr!ckster's apartment with spunk everywhere. I still remember him talking about whacking off in his little sister's friend's sleeping bag. Yeck.

Anyway....where are the normal artists. I don't mean that you have to draw still-life bowls of fruit but surely there's more to art than the freaky, the disgusting, the repulsive, and frankly, the chaotic shit that looks like your three year old threw blobs of paint at the wall intermixed with their own feces.

BTW, Troy has this show so wrapped up it's not funny. I'm willing to state right now that he's going to win. Even with the lackluster performance tonight, he's been very adaptive, a people person, a leader, etc. His only competition is nick, and I don't like nick much. The women don't have a prayer.

I'm also willing to bet that Megan is a demon in the sack. I'm sure we'll never be able to confirm that but I have a good feeling about it.

WOW! Trump made her cry like a little bitch! Finally! She's been a snotty obnoxious...KICK ASS! Fired bitch! FIRED! Get the fuck out! Take your bitchy ass and hit the street you skeezer! WOOOOO!

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