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Fanservice over 9000!

I'll admit that I'm a fan of fanservice though not usually because it's titillating. Fanservice is often tied to humor and you pretty much can't not like it if you're into anime rom-coms. There's almost always a couple of accidental gropings or trips and falls during a bath/hot spring episode that leads to one character sprawled on top of another. Since the reaction is usually embarrassment sometimes followed with a megaton punch, I find the whole thing humorous and touchingly sweet. It probably doesn't say much for my sense of humor but it's harmless enough.

That said, I think I just found a series where the fanservice just goes a bit too far. It's almost embarrassing to watch. I thought I'd share one of the scenes since (to my complete lack of surprise) I found it on youtube. The setup is that the girl is from another world and thus, unfamiliar with most of the things on earth including the local food. Here's her introduction to bananas.

I know I'm not going to look at bananas the same way for a while. How about you?
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