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Other than the ridiculous amount of anime I've been watching lately, the only other thing I've been doing is sleeping. I'm not sure if all the extra sleep is a symptom of being down or maybe it's simply my body's defense mechanism against it having realized that I'm only going to use a lot of my awake time brooding. Regardless, I seem to be able to sleep and sleep without ever really feeling well-rested. It's not the worst thing in the world since it's not as if I were really doing anything with that time anyway.

It's sorta funny really but I was looking over my credit card bills a few days ago and it's pretty much possible to track this emotional downturn based on my monthly statements. My discover card bill this past month was $2.50. It's probably not the most accurate way to predict my mood by looking at the amount of money I spend but it's correlated. On your average month I'm buying video games or other things of interest and perhaps even heading out to stores to pick up this and that. That more or less stopped completely without me even noticing and one net result is I've got a small amount of cash building up that I can blow on something frivolous. I thought about it for a while and decided that my frivolous, economy-stimulating item will be a PSP2go.

I wasn't sure if I even wanted one considering the new version made some pretty drastic changes including yanking out the UMD slot. This means that the new system can't play any of the PSP games I currently own. The PSP2go will only run downloaded games that have to be purchased separately from Sony. If you recall a while ago I was all happy about the Patapon sequel but never followed up about it. Well, the decision was made to release it as a digital version only and that pretty much meant that I had to pass on it. I wasn't keen on getting anything without a UMD (game disk) regardless of how interested I was in the title. I guess that will change once the PSP2go arrives and at least I know I'll enjoy playing Patapon 2.

I dunno if a PSP2go will actually cheer me up any but it might fill some of the time I've got and that can only be a good thing.
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