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Damn lazy pirates

I'll admit right off the bat that I've gotten spoiled. I'm used to being able to find anything I look for on bittorrent assuming that it exists and it's not a brand new release. There are so many pirates out there sharing files that there's no absence of choice nowadays. Most of the time my concern is not whether I'll be able to find a file but which version I want. This is not an insignificant issue since there are still quality differences for a lot of media especially when it comes to things that are subtitled/translated.

It's partly because of this abundance that those cases where I can't find what I want really stick in my craw. I'm not sure if I've mentioned it before but one anime that I really liked from a while ago is Mahoromatic. Actually, now that I think about it I know I made an entry about it here because I remember ranting a little after finishing the series. The anime adaption had a crazy gainax mood-whiplash of an ending which came out of left field. For almost the entire length of the show's run it was a romantic comedy with a little bit of action tossed in for spice. Then, in the last couple of episodes, everything changed. It turned dark like storm clouds rolling in on what had previously been a sunny day. The eponymous character dies saving the protagonist in an apocalyptic confrontation and the next episode takes place after a 15-20 year time jump where we see the protagonist has lived in self-imposed hell ever since because of it. The entire story ends with you being completely unsure if it's a somewhat happy ending or the protagonist (who got stabbed with a light saber) is merely having a near-death hallucination. Screwy doesn't even begin to sum it up when you compare it to the series as a whole.

Anyway, it was after the unsatisfactory anime ending that I read the manga actually turns out different and better. It's still a bit darker than the series as a whole but at least it's not soul crushing. I guess it's the difference of being forced to grow up and accept reality versus being forced to grow up and accept reality while working in a whore house giving handjobs. There are differing degrees of suck.

I've been trying for a couple years now to find a pirated or scanlated copy of the manga with no success. The really irritating part is this manga has been licensed in the US and has been released in english for years now. That means that it's not even like I'm asking for a bunch of manga pirates to painstakingly scanlate the entire damn series. I just can't believe that none of them have just gone out and gotten a copy of the english version, scanned, and uploaded it. You wouldn't believe the amount of effort some of these people will go through to provide manga to the masses and the absence of Mahoromatic is just baffling. I finally found a torrent last night which claimed to be a translated version of the manga but when I snagged the file it turned out to be in fucking Chinese. That would probably work out just fine if I wanted to get my mom to read it to me but other than it's a worthless piece of crap.

There has been one good part to this whole thing. While doing my periodic search for the manga I found that the studio which did the original anime has put out a 2-part tv special just a couple weeks ago for the show. I have no idea what sort of thinking makes you decide to produce 2 additional episodes for a series that you ended over half a decade ago, but I'm looking forward to seeing them anyway. Just getting all the voice actors back together must've been quite a bit of effort. Maybe they're floating a trial balloon and seeing how good the ratings are for these two episodes as well as the eventual dvd sales. Maybe if it goes well they'll bring the show back for a re-written 3rd season. The plus side there is that if there's more episodes there will be more fan attention and with more fans, maybe some pirate will finally upload some copies of the damn manga so I can finally find out how the story is supposed to end.
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