In the darkness the trees are full of starlight (henwy) wrote,
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I feel cruddy. It's times like this I really wish that I could just freeze time or relive large portions of my life. Not necessarily to do anything majorly different, just so that I would already know what was going to happen so there are no surprises. It's going to be a long day tommorrow working on the poster for neuroscience. I'm not feeling very sanguine about the whole thing and I really do wish I was still doing human research. It was so much easier on the brain, or maybe it's because my mind naturally leaned in that direction to begin with. It was always easy to come up with theories and do the research whereas with animal work I feel like I'm a kid lost in the woods sometimes. My hold on the ideas behind what I'm doing are tenuous at the best of times and I know it's only uphill from here. I have to finally start working on a proposal for the dissertation and then the real hell will begin. This is just a vacation by comparrison.

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