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Damn Keyboard

Every single god damn time. I always forget how much I freaking hate this kyboard. The 'e' key sticks and it's impossible to do any light touch sort of typing and still expect all the letters to show up. I always mean to do something about it, but by the time I fly out I've long forgotten about it. Then whnever I'm back it's here to haunt and annoy me once again.

It's been an...eventful sort of day and a half. Frankly, to relate it all would probaly take me hours and pages nad pages of text. With this keyboard and the time I have avaliable right now that process is almost unthinkable. Suffic to say, I've spent every hour other than one last night to come home and shower/change and then 2 tonight for the same at the hospital in their hospice ward. It seems that my grandfather is just unwilling to let go. He keeps chugging along, with one spasmatic breath after the next. There's so much to say and I don't think I've even come close to thinking it through, much less being able to put it all down on 'paper'. If only I had a laptop of some sort while there, but knowing me I'd just spend all my time dicking around with some computer game or another instead of actually sorting my thoughts. Ah....what's the point anyway.

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