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Very very very very sleepy

Tired. Haven't had enough sleep for a week now and it's starting to slowly kill me I think. I used to need my full 8 hours a night but this past week I've been averaging around 5 which is like death for me. Insomnia mixed with other problems has made sleeping near impossible. Even when I do finally fall into an exhausted sleep, it's never really restful and continuous. I wake every couple hours and it's starting to drive me insane I think. I haven't had a day to do one of my recuperative 16 hour comas and god do I need one. I went out with friends on friday to have dinner (had indian for the first time) and catch a movie (hidalgo). Didn't get home till 2am, fell asleep around 4:30, and had to get back up to run my rats that day. Then it was a full night of the normal 2nd ed game night and I didn't get home until past 2am again. A couple more hours until I fell asleep and then up again this morning for the rats again.

These fucking rats are driving me bonkers. They need to be run every single fucking day and what I want is a 16 hour coma. They're mean, they're nasty, the results are questionable, and they're ruining my 'vacation' days. ie, those days when my advisor is out of town doing sciency crap. We've been having POOT days (Paul Out Of Town) since friday and till thursday. My rats don't finish running until thursday so it just so happens that I lose every single POOT day. Feh.

It could always be worse I guess.

My mom and grandmother are flying in tommorrow morning too. That certainly means I'll be getting even less sleep this week and I already at times feel like I just want to curl up in my trunk and just hide and nap.

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