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The struggle between darkness and light

All I've wanted to do lately is crawl into a hole and sleep until either we achieve a utopia or someone pushes the big red button. All in all, the urge the hibernate isn't a bad thing. It keeps me out of trouble and helps the time fly by. It's hard to believe that it's only a week or so until Christmas. Maybe if I'm lucky I'll get to pull a Rip Van Winkle and wake up somewhere in the middle of February.

Other than sleeping, about the only thing I've been doing is following the health care fight and wondering if I jab a sword into a voodoo doll of Harry Reid if he'll feel it. The entire bill is a travesty and becomes more of one with each passing day. Public opinion has turned against it for months now and just recently a plurality of people say that they think the status quo would be better than any bill at all. Considering how bad we all know the status quo is (or rather, will be), that's seriously saying something. What's really amazing is watching the Dems sell their souls to get anything, and I mean anything passed. Even the drug re-importation amendment went down in flames yesterday and Obama had supposedly been for that for years. This is only after they gave up and kowtowed every step of the way to get where we are today. The bill still sucks but it's starting to look like christmas for the insurance and drug companies and who would have expected that? If the dems weren't such assholes about it, they probably could have gotten a smaller bipartisan measure to go through earlier in the process before it got all entrenched to hell. Tort reform would have gotten some republicans on board as long as they didn't try to also push through something ridiculous with it.

Oh well, it's all water under the burning bridge now.

On the anime front, I recently watched a short 4-part OVA series that I really regret wasn't longer. It's called Dai Mahou Touge and it's a Dark Magical Girl anime kicked up to 11. The main character is in line to become ruler of the magic kingdom and must go to a Japanese school for a year as training. While she seems sweet and cute on the outside, there's something dark and evil within. I think the Opening sums up a lot of the feel of the story. Oh, her magical activation phrase is: Lyrical Tokarev, Kill Them All. So yeah.


Spinny spinny princess rod.
I’ve arrived with a dance from a magical land.
Spinny spinny magical stick.
I’m Tanaka Punie, pleased to make your acquaintance.
Blitzkrieg, clean sweep, annihilation, tenka fubu.
Don’t believe the soothing words and nice smiles.
Lyrical tokarev, kill them all.
I’ll send you straight to heaven!
Lyrical tokarev, kill them all.
Only one shall be left alive.
My fists do the talking!
There’s only one path to supremacy.
My fists do the talking!

You can see her happily dancing in front of various historical monuments in Japan, all of which just happen to be on fire.

From watching the anime you discover pretty quickly that her family are ruthless dictators who basically conquered the land and oppressed all the people. Since she's evil, a lot of people attempt to assassinate her while she's in Japan and she deals with that by breaking every bone in their body one by one through wrestling submission moves. There's more sounds of bones cracking here than if you threw a cow carcass to a starving wolf pack.

Here's one of my favorite parts from the show. Punie decides that curry might taste better if the vegetables were actually alive before being served and with her magic makes it so.

That Curry is Evil

It's going to be hard to forget that anytime soon.
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