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Thoughts are like cancer; they metastasize and eat your brain

So last night I was still feeling the bittersweet afterglow of watching a couple of Toradora AMVs and stumbled across a spanner which wedged itself in the works of my mental locomotive.

On one hand, I'm just baffled that I wasn't cynical enough to see it myself. On the otherhand, every single time I see this heartwarming scene I'm going to be reminded of freaking pedobear from now on. If you have no clue who/what pedobear is, here's a quick summary. I know it's played for laughs but it still gives off a creepy vibe.

It didn't help that someone linked to an online cosplay store that has a new item in stock as of a few weeks ago.

Who in their right fucking mind could actually wear something like this in public? I'm not sure you could even get away with it even though most people who recognize the image will realize it's a joke. I think it's pretty certain that no one with a Y chromosome could do something like this even as a gag and not have people suspect he's going to be paid a visit by Chris Hansen one day. That might be slightly unfair since we let people get away with a lot in the name of intentional bad taste, but this might just be a bridge too far. People dressing up in mockumentary SS uniforms would probably get more of a pass. I could see a girl/woman getting away with wearing this thing out somewhere but even that's at the limit, no matter how funny it seems.

I'll admit I'm more than a little curious on if they ever sold this thing and for how much. The link for the site above is a cache because the original page is down or wiped. I'm sure the internet meme community had a hell of a good time passing this one around and no doubt that's brought unwanted scrutiny and criticism. Hell, they're a site providing cosplay goods though and they're willing to accept _Yu-Gi-Oh_ cards in lieu of cash payment for their items. You'd think that they're well into the territory of not caring what other people think.
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