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Turds for Christmas

Just when you thought life couldn't get more disturbing f'ed up.

I was just checking my email and noticed that Connie had sent me 4 messages. The first had a subject line of 'Show Mom'. I clicked on the first couple and they were pictures of Maddie dressed in her winter jacket and little knitted cap. The last picture had the subject line: "Gross but mom will appreciate". I clicked it like the others and spent a good few seconds pondering why the hell she had sent me what looked like a picture of a pile of sausages on a piece of cloth. Then I realized that she had actually sent me a god damn picture of a freaking loaded diaper. WTF?

Who the hell takes pictures of their kid's bowel movements and then sends it around like a God damn Christmas e-greeting card? Not to mention, why the fuck did she decide to send it to me? Couldn't she have just shown this personally to my mom after Christmas? I'm pretty sure pictures of giant turds are not a holiday necessity.

All of that aside, WTF is she feeding this kid? Maybe the size-perspective is a bit off but it looks like enough poop to have come out of 3 kids her size.

I fucking hate the holidays.

(I gave some serious thoughts to embedding the pictures here because why the hell should I have to suffer alone? The fact that I didn't is the only Christmas present you're getting from me.)
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