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It may be twisted but....

I'm actually feeling a little bit happ less miserable today. It's funny how my mood has usually been so pervasively dark that slight improvements stand out so starkly I almost feel like a different person. I'm not whooping for joy or anything but I've actually feel sorta normal, and have been for the past half day or so. Who knows how long it'll last but I even have a pet theory for the cause.

Recently, I decided to start putting off potentially depressing anime and topics because I figured the last thing I needed was to be made to feel worse. I broke that commitment with SaiKano figuring that maybe I had it backwards. I probably should be watching depressing and depraved shit since I'm already low enough it's unlikely anything could make me feel worse as far as media went. I finished Saikano and started a new series called Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (When the cicadas cry) and it might be the most deranged, twisted and disturbing thing I have ever seen as far as anime goes. Nothing else has even come close to inspiring such a feeling of 'wet the bed creepiness' as one commenter on TV Tropes put it. It is fucked up with a capital knife-wielding loli F.

I want to actually come back and write a full review entry at some point so I don't want to go too far here, but I think you should have a taste of what this series is like. At one point, relatively early on in the story one of the token loli characters is captured by a deranged, murderous psychopath. She's also been injected with some drug which is physically disabling. She manages to stagger to a table on which there's a bigass butcher knife and picks it up to face the psychopath. Here's a video of what happens next set to Night at the Roxbury so it's not as (even more?) disturbing.

The truly screwed up part is this is actually the _GOOD_ result and one of the happier moments I've seen in the anime so far. You really don't want to know what the other option was, though I figure I'll talk extensively about that when I write the whole review. One of the other characters went through something similar and it was really unpleasant.

At the moment, I've got 2 episodes left in season 1 to go. After that, it's all of season 2 and a handful of OVAs. Based on what I've said before, you might have come to the impression that this show is a sick and horrible piece of filth, but that's not true at all. It's actually incredibly well done with some really amazing plotting and mood setting. It initially was a doujin (non-corporate) PC game/visual novel that came in 8 parts and became one of the biggest sellers of all time in that field. It ended up spawning not just the anime but a PS2 and DS spinoff, a set of mangas, and even a live-action movie adaptation. It's like the ultimate story for geeky fanboy makes good.

As for why I think it might actually be responsible for making me feel better, I figure that it's a possibility that my subconscious has soaked itself in brutal, bloody misery over the past couple days and has come to the conclusion that even my life can't be seen as being as bad in comparison. Who knows if the sentiment will last or if it's all an accidental coinkydink to begin with. Maybe I should line up a few more mind-screw anime to follow this one just in case though.
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