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They should be converted by the sword

I finally tried out the Rosetta Stone program last night and I'm a little pissy about it. I figured that a comprehensive language program would start with the basics, namely the alphabet and some information about general sentence structure with some basic vocab to follow. If I were teaching English, it would be the ABC's, followed by the idea of (subject) (verb) (object) and then maybe something simple like I see Spot.

Instead, Rosetta stone seems to jump right into the middle of vocab, which makes no sense to me. It starts saying things like 'A Girl' in japanese and then gives you two pictures to choose from, one of a girl and one of a boy. I can't help but think that's pretty insane when I don't recognize anything about the word in either of the 3 alphabets. I actually searched around online trying to figure out if my version of it was bugged or something since it was cracked, but it seems like that's how all of their language learning programs start. I've picked up a small amount of japanese vocab from anime, but I have no clue how the phrases they're using break down into actually words. Half the time, I'm just listening to the one 'catch syllable' I recognize to distinguish between the phrases and that can't be right.

I dunno. Part of me thinks I should just put the entire Rosetta Stone thing on hold, make myself 50 flash cards and give some real effort to learning Hiragana, one of the three phonetic alphabets. Until I know those like the back of my hand, it seems insane to believe I can learn anything about the language, other than the most basic 'repeat after me' sort of way. Another part of me says I'm just being stupid and that supposedly thousands if not millions of people have learned using this program. The people who made it can't be complete morons and must know what they're doing. I should just continue through with the lessons no matter what and ignore the fact that I can't read a fucking thing.

I'm torn between the two quite frankly. Maybe I should pick a third options which entails grabbing a book on learning japanese and see how well it meshes my other two possibilities. It just seems insane to me you don't learn the god damn alphabet first. Imagine if you didn't speak a lick of English and your teacher, at your first lesson, scribbles what looks like gibberish on a chalkboard, says a series of words you don't understand, and then holds up two pictures, one of an apple and one of a banana. Wouldn't you think that was a spastic way to teach you English by simply randomly guessing which picture matched until you got it right?

Anyone have any experience at all with learning new languages?
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