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It's a fact that the price you pay for a good night's sleep is always insomnia the next night. Unluckily for me, I happened to sleep very well the night before which explains why I'm still awake at nearly 5am and bored to boot. I thought I might have finally gotten my sleep scheduled wrenched into something approximating normal, but this is definitely going to be a setback. Chances are I'll be going through at least a few days of the vampire cycle at the minimum.

So, what's been happening lately.

Well, I made an impulse purchase off of Woot around a week back and the package finally arrived. It was a bacon-lover's kit which included 3 different types of bacon salt, a jar of baconaise, and a tube of bacon lipgloss. Before you decide that I suffered a bout of temporary insanity, I actually have justifications for my unorthodox purchase. First, I have very high hopes for the baconaise. I mean...bacon + mayo. It should go great on a sandwich right? Besides, there were other people who have apparently bought it before raving about the stuff and I just had to give it a whirl. Not convinced? Well, the bacon salt is a more justifiable purchase I think. Lately, I've had a small popcorn obsession going enough so that I bought an airpopper and have consumed enough popcorn to fill the box the popper came in 3 times. (I couldn't find a large enough bowl) I'm planning to add the bacon salt to my popcorn in lieu of normal salt and I just can't see that going wrong. I figure at worst, salt is salt, and if I get lucky, maybe my popcorn will be bacon flavored from now on. As for the lipgloss....well, there you probably have me. I have no fucking clue what to do with the lipgloss. I don't exactly want to try it out and I'm not sure I even know anybody who would accept it as a gift. I'm thinking about just handing it over to Maddie when no one's looking and telling her it's lipstick/candy. Even at 2 years of age, she's clearly growing up to be a girlygirl and if the candy angle doesn't get her, the lipstick one will.

Oh, I've been spending a lot of time following the Massachusetts Senate race ever since the polls started to come in last week showing the race was closing. I absolutely love politics and I cheer on elections like people cheer for sporting events. I look at all the polls, read all the opinion articles, and basically wallow in it. There are people out there who would probably give up liters of blood or maybe a pound of flesh to see their team win the big one, and I understand exactly how they feel. Hell, if an election result could be swayed by sheer force of will alone, I'd be there using my mind powers every election day. I want to see a Brown victory like nothing else. It would be one of the biggest political upsets ever, and given the current setup, it may trigger a fall of dominos that would be amazing to witness. I have no doubt there are some people out there absolutely shitting bricks at the thought of a Croakley[sic] loss and what it may portend.

There are times I think that I would have loved to have been a politician before I realize that I could never possibly be phony enough for the job. I find it hard enough to be pleasant to people I actually like sometimes, much less having to go around kissing the asses of complete strangers. Sooner or later I'd tell people what I really thought and I'd have more gothcha clips on youtube than that asshole Grayson in Florida. Maybe being a political adviser behind the scenes would be more fitting. A campaign is almost like a war, and I find the idea of strategy and tactics very appealing. Not to mention a candidate rises and falls based on the election results. A good political strategist is immortal.

Anyway, I can't wait to see how the election ends up on Tuesday. It's just a mixture of nerves and anticipation. At this point it's close enough to the vote that the die is cast and there's probably very little that can still sway the electorate. All that's left is the GOtV effort of both sides and finding out if all those Massholes will do the right thing.

Lets see, what else?

I injected myself with more Humira tonight. I'm really sort of disappointed it's not having the same effect it did at the beginning. I really thought it was going to be a miracle cure, or as much of one as is possible given how extensive my problems are. It seemed like it had arrested the condition, but the reversal a month ago killed a lot of my hopes. I think I might still be a bit better off now than I was before I started the Humira, but it's really hard to tell. I've often described my condition as if I'm fighting a protracted trench war. It's a pretty apt analogy given all the tracts and wounds and scarring. Anyway, there are periods of flare-ups and there are periods of detente. Given that sort of wild variation, it becomes hard to judge if any medication is having an effect of if it's just the natural fluctuation.

Oh, one last thing. I decided to order a set of Hiragana/Katakana flash cards off of Amazon for around $23. It looks like a really good set and was highly rated. I know a lot of people suggested I just go with the Rosetta Stone as is, but I just couldn't convince myself to do it. Instead, I'll learn the two alphabets first and I think it'll be better in the long run. It could also be I'm just stalling, but I guess we'll find out once the flashcards arrive.
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