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What, bacon again?

So after yesterday's bout of insomnia, I ended up going downstairs very early in the morning and made myself breakfast. This is a pretty rare occurrence all around. For one, I don't cook much of anything nowadays and my efforts tend to cause more bother for everyone else involved than they're worth. Second, there was actually the fixin's for a breakfast'y meal to be had. After a family lunch on Saturday we stopped off at a Shoprite because Shelley had mentioned bacon was on sale for $1.88. I also picked up some orange juice with extra pulp and both of those items added to a few eggs, some cheese, and a handful of mini bagels all combined to make for a great breakfast.

Here's the thing, I don't understand a lot of people's view of bacon. Why in the world would you want to cook bacon so long that it's actually crispy and actually breaks apart into crumbles if you stab it with a fork? The whole point of bacon is so you have that smoked, fatty goodness and it's ruined if you cook it to a char. Bacon should be chewy in my opinion, not crunchy. It's one thing if it's a bit crispy on the edges, which is all good for texture's sake, but if it crumbles in your mouth you've gone way too far. I view this abominable treatment of bacon the same way others might see going to a first class steak house and ordering your meal well done. WTF is the point of going in the first place if you're just going to char the hell out of it? They might as well serve you a hamburger patty or Salisbury steak at that point. Besides, I am one of those people who get very unnerved by bloody and undercooked items in general (thanks to a course in Human Parasitology in college), but if you can't trust a steakhouse, who can you trust? It's another thing altogether to order your hamburger rare.

Well, I think I've run out bacon-related things to say. I haven't gotten around to making any more popcorn since the bacon salt arrived nor any sandwiches to utilize the baconaise.

Oh, I should mention that those flashcards I bought arrived today. They were a little bit smaller than I expected but overall seem to be of fairly good construction. I'll have to convince myself to start using them and work up a schedule of sorts. I remember seeing a hiragana song on youtube once ages ago, sort of like how we can sing the ABC's. It might not be a bad idea to supplement the flashcards with a musical mnemonic like that. God knows I still remember The Preposition Song from 6th grade English.
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