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Happy New Year. Chinese New Year, that is. We're 7 minutes into the new year and I already have a bad feeling about it. Welcome to the year of the Tiger.

It's become tradition in my family that we always have some sort of get-together for Chinese new year. It's not usually a big deal, consisting of mostly a meal and not much else. Back when my family still had the restaurant, everything would take place there so that the employees could take part, not to mention this also meant that you could get them to do most if not all of the cooking. Since the restaurant's been sold, we've been holding the event at my grandmother's.

The family celebration took place earlier tonight but I decided to bail on it at the last minute. Frankly, I just didn't feel like going and interacting with other people. Instead, I went downstairs, heated up some leftovers and then spent the rest of the night dicking around online and playing Pixeljunk Monsters on my PSPgo.

I'm not sure if I ever made an entry about it, but I finally got around to buying some games for the PSPgo a few weeks ago and while I'm not spending every waking moment playing games, I do devote a hour here and a hour there. I've spent most of my time playing Super Stardust (which is a gorgeous game for a space shooter) and various tower defense games including Pixeljunk. Both have a pick up and go format meaning that I'll play a level or two at a time rather then spending hours slogging through some RPG. I'm still not sure if picking up the PSPgo was a worthwhile purchase but at least I'm getting some use out of it now.

On a sidenote, I've been finding it very hard to get around to making entries lately. There are plenty of times when I think about making posts on a variety of subjects but it seems I just never get around to it. It all sounds nice in my head but when it comes to actually tapping away at the keyboard, I'm more and more likely to just take a pass lately. Hell, I have some pages open in firefox which I meant to turn into LJ entries for over a month now. As it all builds up into clutter, it becomes a mental traffic jam and I just avoid dealing with it altogether. Maybe I should just do it the democratic way and put it to a vote.

Okay, so in the poll below are listed all the items I've thought about making entries about in the past week or so and never got around to. Vote for whatever you want and I'll pop it up next. If there are no votes within a day or so, I'll assume that no one is reading this or that you care as little as I do in which case I'll just plod along like usual.

My next entry should be about:

The Absolute Zone
Sushi Vending Machines
Stargate Universe
Tad Williams
Discrimination Against Riceballs
Race and Racism
Pani Poni Dash
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